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Customer Service Software Expert

ID de l'offre R0032543 Date de publication 19/10/2018 Lieu: Florence, Toscane, Italy
Full time, Contrat à Durée Indéterminée (CDI)

Job Objective
The Customer Service Software Expert will manage the entire Help Desk and trouble ticketing work flow to ensure SLA (Service Level Agreement) respect, maintaining at the maximum level the software product quality of service and availability and ensuring an efficient ticket/issue management within the Thales Organization, intervening with competent support in solving the defects and escalating them whenever is needed.
Software and customer care, testing and evaluation of computer software applications in Ticketing Systems, together with sound knowledge of Software Engineering discipline, processes and CMMI principles will be relevant for the candidate’s evaluation.

Key Responsibilities
He/She will:
● Analyze, design, coordinate and supervise operation software tools development/deployment to monitor systems’ health in order to proactively anticipate/avoid system/solution failures to ensure an early warning diagnosis during operation.
● Be responsible for adopting, utilizing and maintaining tools and equipment involved in the performance of essential functions of programming, including measuring instruments.
● Edit, test and debug operational computer programs whenever a defect is identified, putting in place the optimum work around solution.
● Coordinate the Help Desk team to ensure the proper level of response in respect of contract SLA (Service Level Agreement), securing the proper level of escalation to Software Development Team, if needed.
● Interface development team assigning design, development and software test tasks and receiving back new patch and software release updates.
● Be responsible for the analysis of the programs performances, diagnosis and troubleshooting.
● Transfer the most exhaustive information on each the identified defect and implemented through a structured reporting workflow, jointly with the work-around solutions implemented, to the SW Development Team, to ensure a proper debug and solution in the next software release
● Make recommendations which yield a more cost effective product, basing on the registered efficiency performances.
● Document each new defect case together with the complete set of implemented solutions/work-around, to ensure an live documentation on the defect cases, to ensure an harmonized approach to the trouble ticketing.
● Foster a “continuous improvement” approach in the Help Desk team, with particular focus on KPIs management and quality.
● Make presentations to customer, client or professional peers on the maintenance/warranty services
● Communicate with the system engineers and manufacturer's technical support staff regarding programming needs and performance.
● Research and recommend software tools to the management.
● Provide assistance to testers and support personnel in order to determine system problems.
● Provide recommendations to the management concerning issues of trouble ticketing productivity and software development management.
● Maintain strong and positive relationship with the customer and suppliers.
● Be the contact person for the organization of training to the final customer.

Skills, Experience and Qualifications
● Fluency in English; French is a plus.
● Masters’ Degree in Engineering (Electronic, Telecommunication or Computer) or equivalent knowledge gained through work experience.
● Min. 5 years’ experience in the design and development of complex software architectures preferably for Ticketing systems.
● Strong and effective interpersonal and communication skills.
● Teamworker
● Agile, Continuous integration, TDD
● Good knowledge of:
    - Java, C#
    - OSGi, JPA
    - WebServices development
    - relational DB (Microsoft SQL Server Etc.)
    - modular application and multithreading application development
  - version control systems like Git, SVN.
● Required experience in back office system development.
● Preferred competencies in System/Software architecting and networking knowledge.
● Preferred knowledge of SOA/REST application development.

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Firenze, Italy

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