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Afstudeeropdracht - WO - Kunstmatige intelligentie, Informatica. Active Learning Algorithms for Smart Diagnostics

ID de l'offre R0070922 Date de publication 26/07/2019 Lieu: Hengelo, Overijssel, Netherlands
Full time, Stage
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Niveau/Level: WO

Studierichting: Kunstmatige intelligentie, Informatica

Field of study: Artificial Intelligence/Computer Science

Titel van de opdracht/Title of the assignment: Active Learning Algorithms for Smart Diagnostics

About us

Met 80.000 talenten in 68 landen  zijn we een van de grootste hightech-werkgevers op het gebied van safety en security. In Nederland, waar 2000 medewerkers werkzaam zijn, hebben we vestigingen in vier steden: Huizen, Delft, Eindhoven en Hengelo (hoofdkantoor). Samen met een uitgebreid ecosysteem van kennispartners, klanten en leveranciers werken we aan radars voor zeeschepen, cybersecurity-oplossingen, transportsystemen, communicatieapparatuur voor landstrijdkrachten, cryogene koeloplossingen en onderzoek & ontwikkeling voor radartechniek (in samenwerking met TU Delft).

With 80.000 talents working in 68 countries, we are one of the biggest high-tech employers in the field of safety and security. In the Netherlands, where 2000 employees are based, we are located in four cities: Huizen, Delft, Eindhoven and Hengelo (HQ). Together with an extensive ecosystem of knowledge partners, customers and suppliers, we work on radars for naval vessels, cyber security solutions, transportation systems, communication equipment for land forces, cryogenic cooling solutions, research & development for radar tech (in collaboration with TU Delft).

The advanced radar systems developed at Thales are becoming increasingly intelligent and generate large amounts of diagnostic data. Our data science team develops an environment and machine learning algorithms for continuous automatic analysis of this data. We are exploring a wide range of different learning algorithms to see what works best in our case. The problem we are facing is that the data as generated by our systems is not labeled; manual labeling is possible but time-consuming and still results in relatively small amounts of labeled data, and the most interesting data samples are very likely not labeled.

We believe that active learning might be a good solution for this problem. An active learning algorithm should evaluate all collected data samples and continuously select the data that will be most informative when labeled, and after the labeling is done by a human expert it should take the label into account during learning. In production the labeling will be carried out by human experts, typically engineers who are using or testing the system.

About the assignment

The assignment is to research and develop algorithms for such an active learning system. Part of the research is also to select training data or develop synthetic training data generation tools. The research will be carried out as part of a small team working on our next generation diagnostics platform.


Machine Learning, Artificial Intelligence, Computer Science

Thales offers…

  • een interessante stage-/ of afstudeerplek in een internationale high tech omgeving;
  • een open en flexibele werkomgeving
  • een prima stagevergoeding;
  • een eigen studentenvereniging waarbij je kunt deelnemen aan educatieve en leuke activiteiten.

Thales offers…

  • An interesting internship or graduation assignment in an international high tech environment
  • An open and flexible working environment
  • An excellent internship allowance
  • Its own student association where you can participate in educational and fun activities.


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Hengelo, Netherlands

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