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Training Manager

ID de l'offre 19002478 Date de publication 17/10/2019 Lieu: Pékin, Municipalité de Pékin, China
Full time, Contrat à Durée Indéterminée (CDI)

Training Engineering and Advisory:

- Provides easily-accessible counselling on training to client groups (employees, managers, HR)

- Assists HR and managers in designing training plans: works from professional development action plans to state clear and explicit training needs, consolidates and optimally reflects training requirements

- Designs and develops training solutions suited to local needs, in order to implement individual and group initiatives, in keeping with the Company’s budget and priorities. Assesses the training initiatives carried out.

- Works with employees within assigned scope, extends professional development counselling and communicates about training offer and pathways

- Performs monitoring and takes stock of training plan. Contributes as training expert to the Job/Training Commissions and Works Council.

Actively takes part in anticipating and securing professional pathways:

- Grasps the tendencies and development trends in jobs and the entities’ job issues

- Designs and develops training pathways in tune to job developments and fostering secure professional pathways, in one or more professional families

- Offers personalised support to employees in designing their job family/training

Optimises investment and training management:

- Defines the external supplier panel and training offer for one or more training fields, in line with the Thales Learning Hub, job family and Group purchasing

- Maintains training purchase costs at the targeted hourly rate, develops partnerships, pooling and internal training

- Defines the training management processes, in line with each country’s legal requirements.

Thales Learning Hub Beijing:

- Drives the strategy, design, development and delivery training programs to support cultural assimilation as well as programs to drive functional capability within each of the Operations operating departments.

- Be the local interface to work with Corporate Thales Learning Hub to align with the learning strategy, implementation and set up Thales Learning Hub Beijing.

- Deliver the training and build the internal trainer pool.

  • Report to T&C Manager Northern Asia

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