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Data Scientist

ID de l'offre R0071769 Date de publication 08/08/2019 Lieu: Singapour, Singapore
Full time, Contrat à Durée Indéterminée (CDI)
Location: Singapore, Singapore

In fast changing markets, customers worldwide rely on Thales. Thales is a business where brilliant people from all over the world come together to share ideas and inspire each other. In aerospace, transportation, defence, security and space, our achitects design innovative solutions that make our tomorrow's possible.

Thales in Singapore has been present since 1973, providing state-of-the-art solutions for customers in the aerospace, defence, security and transportation markets. Today, Thales in Singapore employs over 600 people and is home to all regional avionics services, a ground transportation integration centre, and regional innovation hub.

  • You will apply machine learning and possibly deep learning techniques to a variety of modelling and relevance problems involving our users, Thales Hardware, Thales Software with the end goal of delivering the ML solutions to production.

  • You will participate in the engineering life-cycle at Thales Digital Factory, including daily scrum, sprint reviews, sprint retrospectives, community of practices etc
  • You will have to review, regularly, for performance improvements and decide which ML technologies and algorithms can be used in a production environment
  • You will partake in data exploration activities for businesses, uncovering patterns in the data usage.
  • You will bring the best-in-class practices to the MVP team to make sure the data science is maintainable, scalable and debuggable

Skills and Knowledge

  • At least 5 years of data science experience where you would have understood the process of negotiating and unraveling the nitty gritty details of your customer or user’s datasets with the end goal of building a demonstrable proof-of-concept i.e. PoC.
  • You should have a good repertoire of software tools and programming languages to which you can apply to building a PoC.
  • You should have working knowledge in developing visualizations for the PoCs using at least one of d3js, and the like.
  • You should have good working knowledge about Machine Learning and/or Deep Learning algorithms in the realm of supervised, unsupervised, reinforcement not limited to ANN, CNN, RNN, GAN.
  • You should have good working knowledge in statistical classification domain eg. Logistic Regression, K-nn, Kernel SVM, Naïve Bayes, Decision Tree, Random Forest.
  • You should have good working knowledge in clustering domain e.g. K-means clustering, hierarchical clustering
  • You should have a good understanding of applying gradient boosting in regression and classification problems. E.g. XGBoost
  • You should have good working knowledge in anomaly detection and outlier detection techniques e.g. DBSCAN, Gaussian Mixture Models.
  • You would have working knowledge of one or more programming languages like R, Java & Python and you should be able to explain the underlying mechanics in addition to the theoretical Machine/Deep Learning model.
  • You would have good working knowledge of the Machine Learning and Deep Learning toolkits available in OSS, commercial software.
  • Worked in a squad or guild team setup and understand the agile processes, ceremonies and appreciates them
  • Has a continuous learning mindset and learning of new programming paradigms, techniques & practices
  • Open, strong communicator who communicates effectively across teams, locations and cultures, in-person and virtually
  • Courage of convictions with a high degree of humility. Embraces constructive feedback and is resilient

At Thales we provide CAREERS and not only jobs. With Thales employing 80,000 employees in 68 countries our mobility policy enables thousands of employees each year to develop their careers at home and abroad, in their existing areas of expertise or by branching out into new fields. Together we believe that embracing flexibility is a smarter way of working. Great journeys start here, apply now!

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Singapore, Singapore

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