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Local Operation Manager

ID de l'offre R0088243 Date de publication 13/02/2020 Lieu: Bangkok, Bangkok, Thailand
Full time, Contrat à Durée Indéterminée (CDI)
Location: Bangkok, Thailand

In fast changing markets, customers worldwide rely on Thales. Thales is a business where brilliant people from all over the world come together to share ideas and inspire each other. In aerospace, transportation, defence, security and space, our architects design innovative solutions that make our tomorrow's possible.

Thales has been present in Thailand since the early 1990s, opening its first representative office in Bangkok in 2005. Today, Thales Thailand employs 45 people, and has numerous programmes and achievements to its name in both the civil and defence sectors. The Group is a long-term strategic supplier of defence systems for the Royal Thai Army and Navy. In aerospace, Thales plays a key strategic role, delivering country-wide solutions to Thai customers in the area of air traffic management, radars and navigation aids. Thales is supplying ground transportation solutions to the main and urban rail lines in the area of signalling and fare collection.

  • The Local Operation Manager is the main contact for the authorities as Thales DIS representative. The entity must be managed in the respect of the local law and in accordance with the signed contract. The Local Operation Manager can rely on internal and external contributors to successfully play his mission.
  • The Local Operation Manager must be able to intervene in all areas of the proposed activity: administrative, financial, technical understanding and a good customer relationship.
  • The Local Operation Manager endorsed the objectives of Thales DIS in term of SLA, quality, security and budget of the operations.
  • The Local Operation Manager ensures the monitoring and the reporting of the execution of the Operation towards Thales Management (IBS).

>Local Entity Management

  • P&L Accountability
  • Regular communication with the customer
  • Liaise his direct manager and with the Country Director during the negotiations with the authorities: Steer-Co, yearly meeting, tax/customs/administrative discussion
  • Set up internal process to provide all necessary information (running cost, billing information, legal, quality, security) in a structured way allowing internal and external experts to efficiently support the entity
  • Coordinate the actions of internal and external experts to:
    • Ensure the entity is in line with the local rules and with the terms of the contract.
    • Anticipate audit
    • Update business plan on a yearly basis and prepare the yearly review with the customer (planned by contract and not)
  • Archive project documentation into Thales DIS repository
  • Set up and follow up contract (SoW, delivery milestones, billing milestones) with 3rd party suppliers, local partners and subcontractors
  • Trigger the payment of 3rd party suppliers (ensure the payment when the local entity contracted locally with the supplier)
  • Initiate “post-mortem” meeting and share best practices and know-how about BOO/BOT management / Entity management / External Audit management.

>Manufacturing involvement

  • Review, monitor the project objectives (volume, SLA, margin)
  • Consolidate the production operation data with the Manufacturing Operation Manager
  • Set up Monitoring of the Quality with the Manufacturing Operation Manager:   
    • Monthly % of non-quality
    • Monthly SLA of delivery
    • Services Availability (Manufacturing, Enrolment, other)
  • Make sure operations are delivered in respect of quality and security standards
    • Implement a specific quality process
    • Manage the suppliers, local partners and subcontractors to ensure the  quality and security rules,
    • Involve PSD S&M team into the action plan / enhancement plan / contingency plan
    • Ensure knowledge is properly spread among all team members and that best practices are followed
  • Manage and regularly update an Operation Risk Assessment
    • Initiate return of experience meeting after each major issues and define / share best practices and know-how with the local team
    • Invest in respect with the budget and according to the contract terms (replacement, warranty, recurrent cost)
  • Identify new needs or new opportunities
    • Prepare a business case to justify the investment in case of unplanned activities;
    • Prepare a Change Request Form to be approved by the customer
  • Animation of the team: lead, inform and motive the team, ensure monthly meeting with local team, ensure knowledge sharing / good practices sharing

>Project Reporting

  • Monitor Project Financials against the budget
    • Deliver a running cost budget at the beginning of each operational year
    • Report running cost on quarterly basis and Event having an impact on the budget
    • Report the billing on a monthly basis
    • Deliver revenue recognition forecasts on monthly basis including risks and opportunities

  • Monitor project progressagainst project plan,
    • Monthly Operation KPI reporting to Thales management, such as:
      • Monthly % of non-quality
      • Monthly SLA of delivery
      • Services Availability
    • Manage and report operational issues to PSD S&M team
    • Report a risk analysis (business, contract, operation) for the next quarter and share the associated action plan
    • Report to customer project owner in accordance with the contract or the PMP defined with the customer
  • Provide weekly report to your manager

> Education:

Engineer or Master’s Degree

Project Management certification is recommended

Executive MBA program is recommended

> Experience Level:

5 years’ experience as manager of a local entity

Three years’ significative experience in project management

Experience in industrial plant or production environment is a plus

> Competences:

Technical skills:

  • Project Management and Contract Management principles
  • Supplier Management (contract, quality of delivery, security of delivery)
  • Technical background will be appreciated
  • Risk Management and Action Plan follow up
  • Ability to work with remote teams
  • Thai + English

Behavioral skills:

  • Organizational skills
  • Strong communication skills to be able to manage all possible situations.
  • Definition of Objectives and Performance against Objectives for the team
  • Team working skills
  • Management and leadership skills
  • Ability to work under pressure

At Thales we provide CAREERS and not only jobs. With Thales employing 80,000 employees in 68 countries our mobility policy enables thousands of employees each year to develop their careers at home and abroad, in their existing areas of expertise or by branching out into new fields. Together we believe that embracing flexibility is a smarter way of working. Great journeys start here, apply now!

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Bangkok, Thailand

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