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Real time Embedded Systems

ID de l'offre R0090051 Date de publication 02/03/2020 Lieu: Roma, Lombardie, Italy
Full time, Contrat à Durée Indéterminée (CDI)
Acteur spatial mondialement reconnu dans les domaines des télécommunications, de la navigation, de l’observation de la terre, de l’exploration et de la réalisation d’infrastructures orbitales, Thales Alenia Space est une Joint-Venture entre les groupes Thales (67%) et Leonardo (33%).

About us

The department of “Data Handling, Command & Control and Systems Modelling” is part of the Competence Center Platform and Integration – Italy. We are responsible for the definition of the operational concept of the Spacecraft and for the data systems including communication and processing. We contribute to the entire lifecycle of the products from initial conciveing and feasibility studies, preparation of proposals, design and implementation up to the operations nd maintenance. More in detail we perform the following activities:

  • Ground to Space interface definition in terms of CCSDS and ECSS protocol stack tailoring (including Packet Utilization Standard)
  • Preparation of the Command & Control requirements, including definition of the and on-board data bus and communication links;
  • Data Handling budget preparation
  • Avionics specification and design
  • Definition of the Failure Detection, Isolation and Recovery (FDIR) strategy
  • Data Handling Hardware specification, including OBC and RTUs
  • On Board SW specification
  • HW/SW integration and Avionics V&V activities
  • Provide support to LEOP, IOT and operational phases
  • Related R&D activities

For this department we are looking for: Real Time & Embedded Systems Engineer

About the job

The proposed job holder will be in charge to perform high level system design of embedded control and communication systems, compliant to severe requirements of real timeliness and criticality. The involved systems  shall be composed by both hardware and software components, hence the candidate shall master the underlying technologies including processors, hypervisors and operating systems, FPGA and related programming languages. Starting from high level system requirements, the candidate shall be able to outline the high level architecture of the system, proposing the optimal allocation of function between HW/FW/SW components according to the expected system performance. The candidate is required to perform in autonomy the technical management of the related HW and SW developments, fostering the co-engineering between the different teams.

Starting from System Level Documentation, the most relevant deliverable items expected to be prepared in the scope of the proposed activity are reported herebelow:

  • Specification and Design Description of the proposed solution (e.g. Avionics or Data Handling System)
  • Interface Requirements
  • Components specifications (both HW and SW)
  • System Budgets
  • Verification and Validation requirements

This request is for a permanent position.

The working site is Rome, but it might be required working in other locations for short mid-term periods (e.g. attendance to external test facilities or activities in customer or subcontractors premises)

Short periods of 24h shift working across the full week might be required upon specific program needs.

About You

Education and experience

You have a Master Degree in Electronic Engineering.

You have a fluent English (C1 and above certification) both listening and reading.

You have at least 5 years of experience in similar job.

Skills and knowledge

It is required a knowledge in cutting-edge FPGA technology including knowledge of VHDL, Verilog, SystemVerilog and multicore processors (SPARC/ARM/RISC-V), time/space partitioning operating systems and hypervisors (XTRATUM/PikeOS).

It is also required a proficient knowledge of communication systems architectures and protocols (e.g. ISO/OSI) including specific space standards (CCSDS/ECSS) and network technologies (MIL-STD-1553B, Can Bus, SpaceWire…).

It is highly preferred to have familiarity with system engineering practice including a knowledge in Model Based System Engineering  including with related modelling languages (e.g. SysML).

Personal ability

  • Customer focused, proactive attitude
  • Organized and methodical approach to the work with strong communication skills
  • Ability to manage multiple tasks at one time, to work autonomously or in team
  • Strong attitude to achieve results within time and cost constraints
  • Problem solving attitude

Innovation, passion, ambition : rejoignez Thales et créez le monde de demain, dès aujourd’hui.

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À propos de notre emplacement

Roma DSP, Italy

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